This Is A Goodbye…For Now

Well, the end of the semester is finally here and it is that time when we are all going crazy with finals, handing in papers, and looking ahead to the month-long break. Sadly, it is also time for me to bid you all a farewell from this blog. As you can see from the image below, I’M BEAT!

After a long semester of stress and work, I need some relaxation. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

I can’t tell you what an awesome experience it was to showcase the local businesses that are open on Rowan Boulevard. Every person I met was welcoming and really had a passion to thrive on Rowan’s campus. I listened and shared stories about generations of families working hard to own a business and keep customers happy.

This was my first time ever being serious about a blog. I’ve had other sites in the past, like WordPress and Blogger, but I let them go to waste and never gained a following. Throughout this semester, I learned how to maintain a blog and how to get engagement, views, likes, and comments. As of writing this post, I have had over 1,400 people view my blog posts and close to 1,100 people visit my site. That’s the total between the end of September through the middle of December.

Playa Bowls (Photo/Peter Planamente)

My favorite post has to be when I visited Yogo Factory. The owner, Seta Pica, was extremely helpful and welcoming. This was a last minute decision to visit Yogo because other shops left me hanging for an interview. Pica answered my email within hours and had me come in the very next day for the interview. I spent almost an hour in the store and it was actually my first time ever being in a Yogo Factory. The cookies and cream was really delicious.

I also really enjoyed profiling Mark Matthews of Matthews has been a blogger for many years, even before blogging became a popular medium, and he offered great advice on covering retail and maintaining a blog while being busy with life and work.

Photo of Mark Matthews, blogger and owner of 42Freeway. (Photo/Mark Matthews)

A little tip for future bloggers — post your stuff all over social media sites. Facebook and Reddit worked out the best for me, while Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn remained pretty low. I posted many times on Subreddits and local Facebook groups and I usually ended with a few hundred views by the end of the day. Also, if you do a profile of someone, make them post it on their own pages and websites. For example, I said earlier that I did a profile on Mark Matthews, who also runs a retail blog. He has thousands of followers on his Facebook page and he posted a link to my article on his page. It is now December and I am still receiving views on that article that I posted back in November.

Ricci’s Hoagies. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

Finally, I want to thank everybody who stopped by this site over the past couple of months. I hope you really enjoyed reading about all that Rowan Boulevard has to offer. I also hope you learned something new from each post. I would like to thank all of the owners and employees who talked with me about their business. I tried my best to showcase everything you have to offer for the people and students of Glassboro.

Glassboro Yoga (Photo/Peter Planamente)

While this blog will go silent for the time being, I hope to continue it in the future. One thing that is certain, I want to do an update on the Axe & Arrow Brewing story after they open in the coming year. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for any new updates.

Mexican Mariachi Grill (Photo/Peter Planamente)

Thank you everyone for the support. -Peter Planamente

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