A New Storefront Is Brewing At Rowan

It’s 5 p.m. and you just wrapped up a long day at work. You are tired, hungry, and could use a little drink after your stressful day. Well, a new taproom is brewing on Rowan’s campus and will soon be opening to satisfy your alcohal needs.

A coming soon sign hanging from the front of the new Axe & Arrow storefront in the Glassboro Town Square. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

Axe and Arrow is a microbrewery and taproom that is aiming to open to the public in early 2019. It will be located in the Glassboro Town Square, off of Rowan Boulevard and High Street. 

Greg Fletcher is the co-founder and brewer at Axe and Arrow. He has two partners, Josh and Krystle Lockman in this operation. Fletcher is also a student at Rowan University, getting his Master’s Degree in computer science. 

Partners Greg Fletcher, Krystle Lockman and Josh Lockman standing together at an Axe and Arrow booth. (Photo/Axe & Arrow Brewing, LLC)

“Josh and I started brewing together a little over a year ago with the intention of starting a brewery together,” says Fletcher. “We had been brewing independently for a number of years and both of us had a long-term goal of starting our own nano breweries.”

Finding a location took months, according to Fletcher. He and Lockman visited “dozens of listings” but finally found Nexus Properties, which owns most of the dorms and retail on Rowan Boulevard and in the Town Square. 

The Nexus Property building located on Rowan Boulevard, across from the Glassboro Town Square. (Photo/Peter Planamente)
A view of the location from The Glassboro Town Square. Axe & Arrow is situated below dorm rooms. (Photo/Peter Planamente) 

“It took a few more months to get through the planning and estimating process, get our financing in place and execute the lease,” says Fletcher. “All told, it took us about a year to go from starting to look to where we are now.”

Axe and Arrow will be offering a wide selection of beer which Fletcher brews himself. Fletcher tells me that typical brewing systems have three vessels: one for fermentation, one for aging and one for serving, though, he uses a one vessel system, called BIAC, that can mash, boil, ferment, and serve in the same vessel.

The brewing system technology used by Greg Fletcher. (Photo/Axe & Arrow Brewing, LLC)

“We have around 20 recipes that we are happy with and will be starting production with 3 more that we are fine-tuning at the moment and 4 more in planning,” says Fletcher.

Delivery will not be available once Axe & Arrow opens for business. New Jersey state law does not allow bars to distribute or serve alcohol anywhere other than the place of business. Fletcher says he may begin distributing their products to local liquor stores in the future.

Construction is underway and will be wrapping up in the next month or so. (Photo/Axe & Arrow Brewing, LLC)

So, why is the Glassboro Town Square and its close proximity to Rowan’s campus a perfect spot for a brewery?

“Glassboro Town Square has a lot to offer to a business like ours. We are going to be located front and center in what will be the busiest part of Glassboro and maybe Gloucester County,” says Fletcher. “The proximity to other local businesses, the walkability of the area, the community events on the square, and growth that Glassboro is going to see as a result of the redevelopment project make this location unbeatable.”

A view of the Glassboro Town Square, in front of Axe and Arrow Brewery. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

A review, posted by Chris Green on the Axe and Arrow Facebook page, says, “Only been to a tasting. However, the experience was great. Plenty of options to suit all pallets. All of them good to great. Highly recommend.” 

Construction being done inside the building. Walls are beginning to be painted and floors are being put down. (Photo/Axe & Arrow Brewing, LLC)

Axe and Arrow is expected to open around February if all goes according to plan. Fletcher says to keep checking the website and social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) for the latest updates and timing.

I will be updating this story once the location opens. Be sure to follow this blog, my Twitter, and Instagram for a future update.

*Some photos from this blog were used, with permission, from Axe & Arrow Brewing, LLC. and Greg Fletcher*

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