“Go Bowls Deep” Into Rowan’s Newest Açai Shop

Being a college student, you can often times become “hangry,” angry and hungry at the same time, especially when you have major papers due. If you are like me, you are always scrambling to find something different to eat. If you want something other than unhealthy pizza, hoagies or fast food, one shop on Rowan Boulevard offers a very different option.


The front of the Glassboro located on Rowan Boulevard. Seats and tables are available outside for customers to enjoy their bowls. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

Playa Bowls, located by the circle of Rowan Boulevard, is a tiny shop that offers a wide variety of açai bowls. According to Dictionary.com, açai, pronounced “ah-sah-ee,” is “the deep purple, edible berry of a Central and South American palm tree, Euterpe oleracea.”

Owners Rob Giuliani and Abby Taylor opened the Glassboro shop in January of 2018. Playa Bowls has multiple locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. Giuliani and Taylor have also opened locations in Connecticut, South Carolina and Florida with more locations opening soon across the Eastern Seaboard.


The Playa Bowls logo on the backdoor of the building. The company was established in 2014. #GoBowlsDeep is the hashtag used across most of their social media platforms. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

“[Abby and Rob] dated right out of college and they traveled the world together and surfed in all different places, like Puerto Rico and Nicaragua,” said Madison Moores, co-manager of Playa Bowls in Glassboro. “Everywhere they went, they had açai bowls. So, they brought it to New Jersey and Abby started making them for her family and then Rob was like ‘no, you have to go do something bigger.'”


Playa Bowl locations are listed on a wall next to the front counter. The list goes from ceiling to floor. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

Giuliani eventually bought Taylor a street cart, in Belmar, NJ, to sell the açai bowls to the public. The business became popular so they eventually bought a store location in Belmar to accomdate the large crowds.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is an açai bowl and how many different options can I choose from if I want to stop in Playa Bowls? Madison Moores explains in the audio clip below:


The large menu, located on the side wall next to the counter. There is a large list of bowls to choose from and there is something for everybody. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

If you are in a time crunch or don’t feel like waiting in the store, online ordering is available.

“You go online, you go to ‘order online,’ you press the location. We just don’t do orders over the phone, normally, unless it’s like a crazy circumstance,” says Moores.


To place an order online, hit ‘order now’ at the top of the page, hit the location you want to order from and pick it up when it is ready. (Screenshot/Peter Planamente)

The Glassboro location does not deliver to Rowan dorms or anywhere in the area.

Playa Bowls also offers swag, in the form of t’shirts, hats, and other collectables that you can buy with the Playa Bowls logo and hashtag #GoBowlsDeep.


While waiting in line, you can browse the selection of hats and clothing available for purchase. The shelf is located right under the menu. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

“So we have sweatshirts, which are super comfy, I’m wearing one right now,” says Moores. “We have t’shirts, long-sleeve shirts, hats…they’re personalised by Abby herself.”

Playa Bowls has a large social media presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Playa Bowls team are quick to answer comments and messages. The pages also post pictures of the bowls and of customers enjoying them.


The ceiling inside of Playa Bowls. This location has a Callifornia surf shop vibe to it. (Photo/Peter Planamente)

If you want to learn more about Playa Bowls, be sure to visit the website to check out the entire menu, learn more about the owners and find locations closer to your hometown. Apppications are also available online to join the team.

The Glassboro location is open Sunday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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